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Build your audience with a targeted social media strategy

Do you struggle to stay consistent on social media, wondering whether you’ll ever get traction with your ideal customers? Have you felt like giving up because nothing seems to actually lead to more sales? If you’re feeling disheartened by a lack of results on social media, you need a new plan.

What if you could start making a real impact with your content?

Figuring out how to use social media to grow your business can be frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Imagine having a clear plan made just for your business. Instead of wondering whether you’ll ever see all that content creation pay off, you can feel confident you’re using a research-backed strategy that will actually work.


Using a deep understanding of human behavior and psychology, I’ll create a social media plan tailored to your unique business and goals. You’ll get a strategy that is driven by how buyers want to relate to brands and what influences their decisions. This means your content will go from falling flat to building trust and inspiring your followers to buy from you.

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How the social media strategy process works

Connection Call

We’ll talk about your business & what you’d like to achieve on social media. This will help us figure out whether we’re a good fit to work together.


If we decide we’d make a great team, you’ll get a contract & invoice for the project.


Together we’ll go deep into your target audience, brand values and voice & talk about who your competitors are. I’ll use this to create a personalized social media strategy for you.


Once I have a clear understanding of your business and target market, I’ll analyze your current social media content, see what your competitors are doing & research your audience to figure out the best approach.

Strategy Meeting

We’ll chat through everything I’ve found in my research. Then we’ll make a plan for creating content that will help you reach your goals.

Content Creation

Depending on our strategy, you may start creating some long form posts we can repurpose into shorter content, or I will create a content bank of topics for you.

Implementation Meeting

You’ll get a content calendar based on the topics we’ve come up with together. You’ll discover how to see what content is performing well & use that to adapt your strategy. You will also get personalized coaching so you can get the most out of your social media strategy.

"Hannah created a social media strategy for my copywriting business. She's extremely knowledgeable about all things social media. She went above and beyond and created a strategy based on my target audience and values as a business owner. She was also very patient in answering all my burning questions along the way."
Charlotte Ellis
Copy by Charlotte

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know if this service is right for me?

A: If you’re struggling with knowing what to post and where, with posting consistently, and with understanding your analytics to enhance your results on social media, this service is for you.

Q: How long does the social media strategy process take?

A: The process takes 4-6 weeks from the time your contract is signed to the time we have our implementation meeting. During that coaching session, you’ll get your  content calendar, hashtag banks, and analytics plan.

Q: Can I sign up for more than a 3 month plan?

A: Following the initial 3 month plan, you will have the option to subscribe to a quarterly (every 3 months) social media strategy service. This subscription includes a complementary quarterly analytics audit so you can just focus on creating the content itself. 

Q: Do you offer any guarantees?

A: While I cannot guarantee any specific results, I can guarantee that you will complete the service feeling empowered to confidently manage your socials. You’ll also be able to adapt your strategy as you discover what’s effective for your audience. .

Q: What is the investment and how do payments work?

A: Your comprehensive social media strategy will be an investment of $1250 divided into a first deposit before the kickoff meeting, a second payment following our strategy meeting, and a third payment to be paid before our final implementation meeting.

Q: Do you offer a discount to returning clients?

A: I offer a 35% quarterly discount to all clients who opt in to the subscription service following their initial 3 month plan.

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Get more engagement & growth from your social media content with a strategy created just for you.

If you want to stop wasting time on content that doesn’t make an impact & are ready to attract the right audience on social media, let’s talk.

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